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Most of us or maybe one of our families or friends you’ve know have lost their jobs since of this virus pandemic that struck our world. Everyone is looking for an alternative source of income and yet almost everyone of us don’t know where to start. I hope on this blog, I could help my fellow Filipino’s find and land on the job thru online.

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By Audie F. Casiguran

I wrote this blog for only one intention and that is to make some awareness that Freelance online job is available, Since most of my fellow Filipino’s who haven’t any stable job recently or worst no job at all, starting this year 2020 and just staying at home [tambay lang].

I know how it feels to be jobless and the sense of looking for any job opportunities out there.

I always remind of myself when I’m down or discouraged especially in times like this finding or landing a job seems impossible.

Zig Ziglar once said, “There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs”

Here’s my 2 things I can share about looking for a job. However, before I share that I just want you to know that I’m not expert about this, even I struggle of finding a stable job.

And, for almost how many years I’ve tried to apply for any job whether for abroad or local only, it always leads to “thank you we regret that….”

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So I know personally how you feel right now. however, don’t be despair. There will be always a light at the end of our each tunnel.

To start with; My number 2 on this list is “Focus on what you can do”, i.e. make some notes about your strength, skills, or mabe your dreams and aspirations.

Remember all the good things, If needed if you have any means to enroll in some forms of online academy, then that’s I highly suggest, but if not, try to use google search engine or YouTube videos about some free tutorials out-there.

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I know that deep within you, you have innate or natural gifts that you need to discover or if you forgot it by the years goes by the only thing you need is to rediscover it all over again.

In my case, since I was a melancholic type person, basically it means introvert, who loves analytical, detailed, and don’t like to talk to much.

I’ve focus on web design, SEO, Facebook chatbots, and some other things I’m intrigued about. I don’t have any IT background but I have to confess I love and I’m insatiable in learning these things.

I personally give my highest gratitude to my wife Susan Casiguran. Since, without her I couldn’t learned all of these things I’ve mentioned, why she’s the reason behind why I’ve enrolled myself on one of the online academy, she almost sacrificed everything just for me enrolled on this things.

I owe her personally on this matter, in short “I was tambay lang sa bahay” since September of this year 2020. Not to mention she needs to fed us altogether with our 3 kids and her family.

I’m hope soon or later I could help her on the financial side. 

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To end my list; My number 1 tip to get hired Immediately, is “Don’t forget the good things about Jesus did on us”.

This is may seems to you religious and obvious but most of us, we tend to forgot that He [God] has his own ways and we’re only focusing on our limited ways.

Always add Jesus on the equation. You’ll never know, He is the No.1 Miracle worker when it comes to this kind of situation

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Key take-away:

  1. Honor the Lord Jesus and trust in his ways.
  2. Focus on your natural gift. If needed, go to online school to enhance your gift and most of your skills.

When you focus on your gift and enhance it everyday. Nurture it daily like a plant.

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At the end, once you’ve learned the hard-skills i.e. Web design. Try to apply it quickly even if your struggling sometimes, that’s part of the learning process.

Like me, take a look on this blog, it’s a short content but it takes me more time to finished this blog almost a day.

Pray and take action. Follow your dreams!

If you ask me where did I enroll for SEO? my wife help me enroll on LEJIT Online Virtual Assistance Academy, And right now, once again my wife pushed me to enrolled in QuickPro Online Academy.

Most of what I’ve learned so far I put it into practice and applied it over to my wife’s account, managing all her social media account.

Thanks for dropping by and reached so far reading all these things! Appreciated It. Please follow MomsieLife Moments at our our Official Facebook page located below. Once again, thank you for reading.

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Thank you for your time reading! Appreciated it : )


Audie Casiguran

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